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Sep 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
political power works in america in the last half of the 20th century, sudden, inc. lyndon johnson's life, watching hip exercise power is a way to see what a president c really do. >> chris: robert carroll spent almost half his life telling the story of lbj but he says he's not a biographer, he's a student of power, how you get it and what you do with it. and, johnson, he says, was a genius at both. >> chris: how long did you think it was going to take? >> i... ten years. >> chris: and now, we're, what 36 years into this. >> something like that. >> chris: the breadth and depth of the work is stunning, since 1976 he has written four books, 3400 pages, winning almost every award there is starting with the pulitzer and he's not yet to johnson and vietnam. why has it taken so long? when we he look at how johnson was first elected to the senate in 1948, by 87 votes, he ended up writing a book about it. >> nobody has ever looked at a stolen election from beginning and say, this is where the stolen election is... >> chris: and the latest, "passage of power" tells how johnson succeeded john kenne
Oct 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
of american history until lyndon johnson got it passed, the johnson amendment, with only a voice vote. no discussion through the u.s. senate 58 years ago. it's never been taken to court in 58 years. there's 2,200 attorneys who are prepared to defend this probono. we're just trying to reclaim what we believe is our constitutional right based upon the first amendment. >> are you worried at all? i mean, if the law isn't being enforced by the irs? >> i'm not worried. the law being enforced by the irs. there's two issues on this. one is a legal issue. my attorney friends see it primarily from that light, and i understand that. as a pastor, i see it as a standpoint of the spiritual renewal in america. pastors have backed away from biblical application. if i people on biblical application to permanent life, nobody seems to have a problem with that. if i speak on an application of family life or church life, that's fine, but if i speak on what the scripture has to say about application to national life or community life, then all of a sudden congregants say all over america that, oh, pastor,
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
gary johnson will be joining us. we will begin with mark from illinois on the line for independence. caller: i just have to say that the whole republican and democratic thing is getting out of control. i am 62 years old. i go back from eisenhower on. i call them republicrats. they all go for the same corporations. is so undemocratic it is ridiculous. we have to get somebody new in the system. it is gridlock. the congress cannot get anything done. these people just go make deals and make money for themselves. we have to get some new blood into this system. host: thank you for the call. we will be covering the debates. we invite you to watch and engage the mentor of the debates. you can do this on our facebook page. -- engage in the debates. we have covered every debate since 1984. the first debates took place and 1960, 52 years ago. next is bill also on the line for independents. caller: no more important today than they have been in the past. the two main parties, it gets harder and harder to distinguish them from one another. it gives the person a chance to really put out and vote
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
for the weekend. veronica johnson has a look at the conditions out there right now. hey, v.j. >> hey there, doreen and jim. yeah, we're going to move through several seasons over the next couple of days, believe it or not. so, yeah, a lot of folks enjoying today. absolutely gorgeous conditions now that we've got the front out of here. the fog from this morning, too, again, and that cloud cover. temperatures still hanging out in the 70s, from 75 in gaithersburg, to 79 in manassas. 80 down south in fredericksburg, virginia. overnight it gets a little cool. then we warm up again. major changes will be coming our way this weekend. again, we're going to move through a couple of different seasons. the latest on this crazy weather coming up. >>> coming up, turkey takes decisive new action after a deadly syrian mortar strike. >>> a snake bite may have killed a virginia man in his own home. >>> we're getting our first look at the new metro escalators that will change the commute for thousands of people. >>> and a redskins fan found a way to celebrate the burgundy, gold, >>> over in veil yeah, they had a fi
Oct 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
johnson. >> john: what could he possibly want more than a name that doesn't sound doubly phallic. >> he told bloom beg news it was more important to him that mitt romney win the presidential election than the jets have a winning season. the team went 8-8 last year and is 2-2 so far. >> john: i come from new york. the jets aren't going to have a winning season and mitt romney isn't going to be president. let me ask you a question, dan when you're reading the headlines, is it distracting to read a name like woody johnson? >> a little. >> john: you kept your composure. i can think of peter o'toole and woody johnson doubly phallic game. >> go by richard johnson. >> john: if you're a celebrity or a rock singer, you need to shut up about your political opinions but if you're in the nfl, by all means talk about who you want for president. >> maybe mitt romney wasn't bluffing when he said of some his best friends own nfl teams. >> john: he said nascar teams i thought. >> no, he said it about both. >> john: he'll probabl
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Oct 7, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. >> this is a challenge to the 1954 johnson amendment preventing nonprofit charities and churches from endorsing or supporting political candidates and was added to the tax code by senator johnson at the time. some say it was way to silence the critics of his policy. an attorney which is organizing the movement says the law is unconstitutional. >> the i.r.s. has no business making a theological determination that certain top ins are off limits if you are having church on the weekend. >> organizations like americans united for a separation of church and state say the johnson amendment must be upheld to provide the divide between faith and politics. >> what is at stake is the integrity of churches. they are not political action committees. people do not go to church if the purpose of hearing who to vote for. they go there for spiritual solace. they good for personal instruction to learn about their holy scriptures not to be told who is the best president. >>heather: this is the 5th year for public freedom sunday, and the number has thrown threefold from last year, with the goal to get congress to
Oct 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
%. what do you think about the fact that gary johnson, a libertarian candidate, is probably going to be on all 50 ballots, and the conventional wisdom is he is going to draw from mitt romney and it makes a difference in colorado and it makes a difference in virginia. it will make a difference in north carolina. does that worry you? >> no, it doesn't worry me. >> they're not going to throw their vote away when we have an election here that's about the future of america. i don't see that happening, candy. this is a widely debated thing in 1980 with john anderson, gary johnson. >> sure, but ross perot made a difference. >> sure. >> they think that perot widely lost. >> we don't have a third party candidate anywhere near the name recognition or the popularity of ross perot or john anderson. i just don't see that happening. in fact, i see that it's almost a nonfactor, so i'm not worried about it. >> let me ask you about the new economic figures that came out. unemployment dipped below 8%. something i'm sure republicans celebrate as well. does it not undercut what has been the central t
Oct 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
presidential debates right? wrong. they're not represented at all. here is gary johnson from the libertarian party. we'll talk to him on the show. he's not there. and then rocky anderson from the justice party. a man who is actually progressive. the man who used to be mayor of salt lake city and the man who joins us now. rocky, i want to ask you about progressives and the debate, but first i want to start with mitt romney. you actually knew mitt romney back during the olympics of salt lake city. is that the same mitt romney that we see today? >> not at all. he's unrecognizable to my. not only inme.not only in terms of radical changes on so many circumstance, but he comes off as so out of touch and a little bit clueless, not the kind of charisma. when we knew him during the olympics he was a good reasonable moderate guy who was pro-choice pro gay and lesbian rights? how else would he have won the governorship of massachusetts. the things he has done to change himself, he's very uncomfortable in the skin that his handlers have had him crawl into. >> cenk: now rocky i understand that he does no
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Oct 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
: in your brain. >> peter johnson, jr. in for dave briggs. >> nice to see you. >> alisyn: did you stay up and watch the debate? . no, i watched clips. >> on your twitter feed. thousands were trying to get in and the servers were down and so many people were trying to log in and the servers were down. >> didn't have to pay-- >> the twitter feed. >> alisyn: and meanwhile, we are in the final stretch, it has been a long two years, bracing up to this exact moment. 30 days. >> can you believe that? >> no, i can't, until the election, and by the way, mitt romney sees a post debate bump in the polls and it's significant, prior to the debate. and mitt romney in a national poll was two points behind and now he's two points up. and s-49-47. >> rasmussen in 2008 had the most accurate polls from 2008. we're going to ask scott about it on the show later. we asked him the last time we had new polls about the national polls. you can look at swing state polls and get a really nugget of information, national, sort of a not maybe as interesting. when you look at florida right now where the candidates, wher
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
is one stevie johnson. a bay area native born in san francisco. graduated from high school in fairfield. a homecoming of sorts for him as it's the fishes game he ever played at candlestick park. 49ers don't care. looking for the fourth win looking to get it here at home. this is the first of three games they play here at home over the next 11 games. they would like to get off to a good start. kickoff 1:25. we'll be here for the entire game and bring you postgame sound on comcast sports net bay area. hope you join us then. >> we're not being bias. raiders have a bye this week. as we told you all morning long, you don't have something to do in the city, suggest that you stay far away from the city. everything getting started in about an hour. we have video shot just a few minutes ago of the a's already warming up looking good this morning. game time 9:00. the giants at home at&t park looking for redemption. that game starts at 6:37 and all day long fleet week festivities including the air show and the ships out on the bay and action packed weekend. we thank you for making us a part of you
Sep 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
by navy. a defensive battle. travis johnson strips the quarterback trey miller. they recover and here we go. not a lot of offense in the first quarter. here's a terrific play. he looks like he is sacked. escapes and tosses it up. makes an outstanding one-handed grab. spore fans led 3-30 at the half. late third, navy with the play action. the pick-off. spartans led 6-0 after three quarters. then in the fourth. last chance for navy. 4th and 7th. spartans not fooled. san jose state holds them to 144 yards of total offense, improving to 4-1. shutting out navy, 12-0, the final. >>> cal and arizona state. rough season for jeff tedford. that seat is getting hot. on third and goal. a bullet to kevin. 9-yard td pass. cal trade 17-7 at the half. zach maynard sacked six times. 9 for 126 yards and one touchdown. we might as well show it to you. fourth quarter, maynard. a fade out to his brother allen. cal down, but arizona answers. he finds kevin again. this time 22 yards and the touchdown. cal falls to 1-4, losing 27-17. >> we got beat by a better team today. they outplayed us in a lot of areas tod
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
, johnson dumped into a dinghy and made his way to a sailboat anchored in the potomac. police have not said what led to the shooting. >>> 14 after the hour. president obama appears to be winning where it matters most a little more than five weeks before election day now. he leads mitt romney by two percentage points among likely voters nationwide. that's according to the latest "washington post"/abc news poll. the president leads his republican rival by 11 points among likely voters in swing states, that includes virginia, ohio, and florida. the president taking a break from campaigning to prepare for the first presidential debate. that will happen on wednesday in denver. mitt romney headed to denver today. the republican presidential nominee will hold a rally there this evening as he prepares for wednesday's debate. >>> vp candidate paul ryan will prepare for his debate in virginia. the republican vp candidate will hold a debate. vice president joe biden is using chris van holland to stand in for ryan. the debate is scheduled on october the 8th in kentucky. >>> the supreme court justices w
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
the best record in baseball with a win. >> davey johnson says most of his starters will play. last night there were a lot of backup guys, guys who can call themselves the goon squad. >> as good as the goons were, it was a regular who drove in the go ahead run. adam la roche hit his 33rd home run of the season. the blast give him 100 rbis of the year. nats top the phillies 4-2. with a win today the nationals will clinch the top seed in the playoffs. that means they'll face the winner of the wild card playing game. either the braves or cardinals. they can also wrap up a top spot if they lose and the reds noose. if the nats lose and reds win, the nats would be the number two seed. got it? that means a first round matchup with the giants. >> we're not done yet so keep your pen handy. it will be an exciting final game for the season for the orioles. they're still within reach of the al east title. they were just four hits and only one run between the o az and rays -- os and rays last night. baltimore topped tampa bay 1-0. now, if the orioles win today and the yankees lose, they'll have a one-
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Oct 4, 2012 4:00pm PDT
as miguel would say. >> unbelievable, absolutely. we think about tie cob, ---ty cobb. lyndon johnson was president. horse racing, this is longer than that production as a third baseman. bat a 330. no one really close in the american league. 139 rbis. that's part of the triple counsel. the only question is whether or not he would have enough home runs he beat josh hamilton by one run. that's what solidified it walked off to quite. they replaced him at third baseman. he is incredibly humble. >> i got say thank you to god for giving me the opportunity to have this moment, to give me opportunity to go out there and play every day. be healthy. try to do my job. >> a lot of people are blaming the referee strike. they are blaming the fact that there was a debate and the presidential election or the fact that it's hasn't been done in so long that's why no one really thought about it. >> 1967. >> absolutely. >> i thought albert poll holes would be the guy. he is such a great hitter. what's the perspective on. this when you talk to people that watch the game, barry bonds didn't do it jose cans
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the world. >> steven johnson is our guest sunday taking calls, e-mails and tweets on "in depth." looking at science history, cyber world, popular culture and computer networking in politics. live at noon eastern on book tv on c-span2. >> next a symposium on partisan politics and compromise. this hour and a half event is hosted by the university of southern california schwarzenegger's institute for state and global policy. panelists include senator john mccain and former senator tom daschle. >> we all breathe the same air. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the chairman of the institute and the inaugural holder of the governor downey chair professor of state and global policy at u.s.e., governor arnold schwarzenegger. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much for the fantastic introduction. that's exactly the way i wrote it. [laughter] also thank you very much for your great partnership. one thing i wanted to correct what you said today is i did not win miss universe. different bikinis, waxing, all of those things i did not win that competition. it's m
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Sep 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
opportunity versus upper mobility. >> heather: let's bring alex us any gill johnson and nancy, president of media speak strategies and former senior advisor spokesperson to john mccain. thank you for joug us. nancy i want to begin with you. for six months they said this campaign is a referendum on president obama's record. now you heard paul ryan saying in his interview with chris that it's about choice. do you see this as a shift in strategy for the romney campaign and if so, is that why? >> i think it's right and proper for both candidates to offer americans a clear vision of their path for the country. i think it's a natural evidence luilgs. any time an incumbent president running against a challenger there is component of that that is referendum, but now is the time where we've got a matter of weeks when people have to cast their votes. now is the time for each candidate to be crystal clear about the direction they would take our country. >> heather: alex us what do you think? >> i think they were energized by the romney-ryan team gets this. when you look at the choice that americans
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
johnson is our guest depth."ay on 'in- he will get popular culture and computer networking and politics, i've at noon eastern on "book tv." journal"ington continues. host: james montoya is our guest. what is the college board? guest: a membership organization of over 6000 educational institution knows, organizations that are all focused on connecting students to college success. host: and the purpose of the s.a.t.? when it was first created? guest: the s.a.t. has been around for decades. the idea was to create a more level playing field for students, but sickly for those that lived in axa's that might not have access to the interview campus. it provided an opportunity for us nationally to have an examination that all colleges could use to help them in the admissions process. host: there are now three sections of it. guest: the third section is been in place about eight years. the s.a.t. is measuring those skills that are necessary for college success -- reading, writing, and mathematics. host: there is a recent report -- what is the date take away -- what is the big take away? guest: when
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Sep 30, 2012 9:00am PDT
. joining us for the freedom fight are mike johnson and mike barker from the freedom from religion foundation. our thanks to you both. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: the cheerleaders are putting the verses on and there is at least one objection and a legal fight ensued. what is the latest? are the banners in or out? >> the wanners are in. we were able to obtain a temporary restraining order and we have a hearing in coming thursday to make the temporary injunction more permanent. we have a student led student enishiated private speech. the supreme court said more than 40 years ago and many courts have repeated it since. students and teachers do not shed their constitutional right to free speech. whether in the hallway between classes or happen to be on the football field you are still an american citizen and the law is on your side and you get to engage in free speech. >> shannon: if the cheerleaders are making up the banners on their own time, what is is your objection here? >> they do have free peach rights in this great country but there is a difference between free speech
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Oct 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
, giving him only six months to live. lee johnson didn't want to suffer and decided to end his life. >> you supported your father's decision. >> yes, i did. it was very important to him to die with grace. >> which to heather's father meant doctor-assisted suicide, the practice that the state of massachusetts does not support or legally condone. she says her father was forced to travel back to his home in oregon where out tha it is legal. >> your ballot would make it legal for people like your father to die in massachusetts. >> it would make it legal for them to end their suffering. >> assisted suicide is a tough sell in a state where almost after the population is catholic. critics here claim the measure is immoral saying the state should not get involved in helping people die. >> what the society should be doing is looking at ways to reduce suicide. >> john kelly is from people with disabilities, opposed to assisted suicide. he says the terminally ill often want to end their lives but that does not mean they should be encouraged to. >> just not in the states interest to start making criter
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
at akron in university. >> i support barack obama for presidency. >> my candidate is a jerry johnson, the libertarian candidate from new mexico. it is important to consider him on the economic side of things and his social issues are good to me. >> the most important issue that we face in this election is the massive debt that our country faces. it is only projected to grow and the next five years. my generation will be stuck with it. >> i will ask the candidates what they are doing to ensure job security and create new jobs. i am in college. i want to make sure my education is paid off. >> back to fishersville, virginia for mitt romney and paul ryan. ♪ >> thank you. how about it for trace adkins, a great american and great patriot? i let out at all of the cars there. it looks like that movie "field of dreams." the dream is to save america and our freedom. virginia is ground zero. are you ready to make a difference in this election? but me tell you why. we, as americans, we brief freer air, we live freer lives, we have more opportunity from the day we are born than anyone else on t
Oct 5, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. callback and read the book on lyndon johnson. the use or abuse of the filibuster has been used or abuse in the last 10 days or three years more than once in the 1960's 197's combined by the republicans. the president has an opportunity to come back if the republicans decide their first mission it can no longer be with senator jim demint. mitch mcconnell said the first priority was to make sure obama was it first term president. that would be out of the cards if he was re-elected. there was the possibility of working on different issues. if you have some good progressives reelected -- elizabeth warren -- you have a chance to find partnership on core issues. i'll name one. even something the chamber of commerce signed onto. this country could use an infrastructure bank that would put people back to work and rebuild the infrastructure. with mitt romney, you need somebody to, and that will -- who comes in and that will understand that 47% of americans are not freeloaders but part of a political system and a country that deserves the respect. paul ryan has put forward a budget. another of th
Oct 4, 2012 2:30am EDT
from london and other cities around the world. >> steven johnson is our guest sunday on "in depth." he will look at popular culture and computer networking and politics live at noon eastern on a book tv on c-span 2. >> mitt romney and president obama met for the first of three planned presidential debates. this one was moderated by jim lehrer. >> good evening from the magness president barack obama and the republican nominee mitt romney. how many of the have been in the hall for these debates before? so you although the rules. absolute silence. for those of you who have watched on television the primary debates know that is not the case. the rules are different here for the stevens. in the early days when i first started addressing the audience in the hall, i would say, you make no new or even applaud, cheer, i will turn it around and make you stand up and humiliate you in front of the whole world. i do not do that anymore because everybody knows the drill. certainly all of you do. you have come here for an important reason. most of you are here and are committed supporters. you know h
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)